Privacy Policy

Assembling and Usage of User Information

Stillbon Software, enusres its users that they don’t collect none of their personal information of users is collected without their permission. We ensures user that we don't collect any user data (of any kind) while surfing on our website. Whenever, any user try to communicate us via query or a post through Live Chat or Email, we only records their basic information to our databases which will be used for our future reference, if it is required. We keeps our database compleely secured and confidentiality and don't share it with others.

Online Orders

During Online orders, users need to place an order and share some basic information like name, address, email ID, contact details etc. to confirm your order. These information will be used later in order to contact you regarding your orders or any other future references.

Technical Assistance & Support

Sometimes, We need your basic information to help you and provide results. With the help of your provided information, we will provide better response to your technical queries. The email address provided by you will act as a medium of communication between you and technical support.

Safety and Security

Stillbon Software promises to keep all your online transactions and other communications fully secured. We also promise to keep your personal credit details fully confidential. However, Stillbon Software will not be held accountable in case of any security breach.

Amendments to Privacy Policy

Stillbon Software holds the right to completely modify or make partial changes to the existing privacy policy at any time. All the amendment applied will be notified on this privacy policy page. You are, therefore, requested to please visit this page on a regular basis, in order to keep informed and updated related to any alterations that are applied.